Fix NFS Payback black screen error

NFS Payback Fix: Black screen of death (error)

Need for Speed is one of the best car racing video game series. Everyone has a genre in gaming that they love playing on their Xbox and Playstation. So, in this scenario if you are racing game lover then you must try Need for Speed game collection to get 3D racing experience. Need for Speed Payback is launched recently by Electronic Arts and it is the best racing game ever.

In this article, we help you to fix black screen error in Need for Speed Payback.

NFS Payback fix black screen error

How to fix NFS Payback black screen of death (error)

Most of NFS Payback users are submitting complains about black screen error and they are facing this black screen of death on their gaming consoles. Users can hear the audio and not able to see the video. Read this guide and fix NFS Payback black screen error.

Follow the steps:

  1. Click here to download the updated Patch folder for NFS Payback
  2. Extract the zip and paste the Update Patch folder to the NFS Payback directory ( where you have installed the Need for Speed Payback )
  3. Run the update game

Fix common .dll missing errors

Most of errors can be fixed by updating .Net framework and Visual C++ Redist. Before you play NFS Payback racing video game, you should update Windows library to prevent errors and missing dll files.

Fix NFS Payback black screen error

Here are few steps to avoid errors:

  1. If your NFS Payback racing video game crashes on launch (please check your video driver and update it if necessary)
  2. Steam will install the following by default as you launch NFS Payback racing game for the first time. If you don’t have these, please find them online at the following locations.

Thanks for using our guide to fix NFS Payback black screen of death (error).

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